Arena Mod 0.1.1

by | May 6, 2021 | Dev Blog

In the interest of testing some PvP action, we have just released our first attempt at an Arena mod for Deepfield.

You can hop into the Arena via the “Join” menu; just like the standard playtest servers, there is an Arena server for each of the 3 major regions (AU, EU, USA).

Changes from the standard game:

  • Single sector (no jump mechanic)
  • Sector size increased to 384×384 (up from 128×128)
  • You now start with 1000 Lipid and Amino (up from 20 Lipid, 800 Amino)
  • Tutorial has been disabled
  • Resources now respawn in a random location when consumed
  • All Amino resources have a starting value of 500
  • All Lipid resources have a starting value of 200
  • There are 2 neutral capital baddies floating around, they will respawn in a random location when killed
  • Various AI tweaks
  • No spawn safety! You might spawn close to another player or some neutral units, be prepared
  • You get an extra phage when you spawn in
  • Arrangement of newly spawned units is more tightly clustered

If you die or want to restart, hit “Surrender” in the universe screen (default hotkey “P”).