0.4.0 – Tutorial & Facelift

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Dev Blog


Deepfield has some pretty unique core concepts and mechanics; it’s about time we explain some of these things to you.

If you’re dropping into a universe for the first time, you will be presented with a short tutorial which will teach you the basics of Deepfield. We have tried to keep things interesting by introducing a little lore at the same time.

We really want to know how you found the tutorial so be sure to press F8 and let us know how you went!


We have upgraded the graphics in a few areas of the game:

  • New background items with added parallax effect.
  • The substance which the units move around in is now affected by movement.
  • Fog of war reveals smoothly and colours have been changed to make it obvious what can be seen, what has been revealed and what is unknown.

Other Improvements

  • Universe button has been replaced with a sector minimap. This allows players to view adjacent sectors by clicking on the corresponding square. Universe panel can still be opened via hotkey.
  • Co-ordinates of the current sector are shown above the minimap.
  • Feedback button moved to the top of the screen.
  • Painful sound effects (like clicking buttons) have been made less painful.

Bug Fixes

  • Picking a start location on the edge would cause the game to timeout.
  • The “range” stat in the unit stat panel was broken for some units.
  • Custom keybinds are now saved correctly.
  • Selecting small units when they are under larger ones is now possible (e.g. Phages under the Amoeba).

Click here to see the update in Steam.