0.3.2 – Onboarding & Starting Location Selection

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Dev Blog


We have added a short onboarding process to the start of a new game; you will choose your race, name your faction, pick your faction colours and be able to select a starting location.

Selecting your start location should make it easier to play with your friends!

Other Improvements

  • Slowed down middle mouse scrolling.
  • Removed exclamation mark tile from universe screen.
  • Surrender confirmation dialog now prevents players from clicking “yes” more than once.
  • Engine version no longer shown on the server list.
  • Improvements to connection and sector change event for high ping connections (over 100ms).

Bug Fixes

  • Shroud and fog of war would occasionally not show on screen.
  • Crash when changing/jumping sectors.
  • Feedback screenshot now includes UI elements.

Click here to see the update in Steam.