0.2.0 Release

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Dev Blog

0.2.0 is here and it’s starting to look and feel more like a real game.

There have been quite a few updates since ourĀ first dedicated server test, here are the major ones:

Game Mechanics

  • Capital unit mutations. These are upgrades which can unlock new units, increase theĀ number of units which can be produced simultaneously or increase stats such as resource storage, sight, speed or health.
  • Fluid faction diplomacy. You can now declare war on your ally mid game, let the backstabbing begin.
  • Fog of war – now fully implemented.
  • Basic neutral AI. Neutral units scattered around the sector will guard resources, send out scout and attack squads, build units, defend themselves and run away if necessary.

User Interface and Quality of Life

  • Edge and middle mouse grab scrolling.
  • Double click to select all units of type.
  • Ability to create, recall and join unit groups.
  • Custom faction colours.
  • Context aware unit command shortcut reference.
  • Context aware custom mouse cursors.
  • Icons and markers for most things: Rally point locations, guarded areas, escort targets, waypoints, attack targets, resource collection indicators, etc.
  • Mutation aware unit stats panel.
  • In-game menu and options.

Look and Feel

  • Background has been updated to include depth of field. For now, we’ve included small bubbles which move in and out of focus. Later on this will enable us to have relatively small (and large) organisms moving in the background which should make everything more interesting to look at.
  • Updated models and animations for Amoeba, Phage, Toko and resource piles.
  • Updated the look of some UI elements such as the minimap and select boxes.
  • Background music.
  • Some unit and UI sound effects.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few play tests including a 4 player over-the-internet game. We received a lot of great feedback regarding UX and player quality of life. Some of the feedback we got was a little weird, that’s fair enough as it’s a pretty weird game because it’s missing one of it’s core game loops.

Our next goal is to implement that missing core game loop. omNomios is already working hard on the Hive and getting inter-sector play working (if you want to know more about the Hive, I wrote about what it does here).

I titled this post “0.2.0 Release” but public access to Deepfield is still closed. We’ve decided not to test publicly until a player is able to experience all of Deepfield’s core game loops; we figure that any game design feedback we get before then won’t be completely valid. In saying that, omNomios and I are itching to get Deepfield out there, we can’t wait for you to try it.