Our first dev blog entry!

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Dev Blog

Hello world! We’re very excited to be starting a series of developer/artist blog entries to keep you up to date with changes as well as plans and priorities throughout the development process. We are also very happy to hear any and all feedback. Got a bug you’d like squashed or an idea you’d like to see in the game? Let us know!

Pleasantries aside, Where is the game right now? Deepfield is in a very; very pre-alpha state but it does already demonstrate a lot of it’s concepts, and the game is playable. It will always be playable. Begin your Deepfield experience with your own expandable mothership and just enough resources to get started in the vast multiplayer online DEEPFIELD universe. But use those resources wisely. Start by building a mining ship, and cargo ferry to transport the resources to your mothership. Your mothership is the central core of your fleet, and it can be built upon with components to increase it’s size, firepower, speed and manufacturing capability. From there you can build fighters, frigates and more to ultimately take control of your sector. You’ll want to work fast before any hostile factions learn of your whereabouts. If that’s too easy, you’ll soon be able to jump to another sector (on the same or another server) and fight to take control of that too. Bring a fully kitted-out mothership to instill some terror into the locals, or donate some resources and lend a hand. Sometimes making friends is best for both parties. Having a safe sector to jump to when all hell breaks loose might be a lifeline you need.

The Deepfield universe is enormous. Each sector is large enough to build a fleet to be reckoned with, with plenty of resources to be collected from asteroids and from the remnants of hostile spacecraft you have destroyed. The game will be expanded to include multiple sectors, and multiple servers. It will be scaled to make sure the game is neither too hostile nor too quiet. How the game develops will also be largely based on community feedback. We’re making this game for YOU guys. We will be pushing an update every Friday with an accompanying change-log and dev-blog. Subscribe to the mailing list or check us out on steam, and we’ll catch you next Friday!