Deepfield Battle


Deepfield is a survival RTS which takes place in a vicious and unforgiving microbial universe. Find and exploit resources, multiply in number and expand your territory to fend off extinction.

Capital Units

Deepfield Amoeba Proteus

Amoeba Proteus, this slow moving but robust unicellular organism marks the beginning of your species. It has a wide range of capabilities but most importantly it can store resources and use them to spawn new units.

If all of your capital units die, your species will die too.


Moving Sectors

The universe in Deepfield is broken up into multiple sectors connected in a grid like fashion. You won’t know what a sector contains until you explore it; some might be void, some full of resources, others inhabited by hostiles looking to exterminate any invaders.

Your capital units are key to exploring new sectors, they are the only ones capable of moving from sector to sector.


You might not be the only player trying to survive in the universe, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone else has to be your enemy.

Diplomacy between players is fluid. How you interact with other players is entirely up to you; you can attempt to crush everyone you meet, create long-lasting alliances or work with someone until it’s no longer convenient.


Moving Sectors

It’s an expensive and lengthy process but your capital units can be improved by mutating. Mutations can unlock new abilities or unit types, alter existing capabilities or provide stat boosts.

Certain mutations are hidden and will only be available after certain conditions are met.

Latest Release


In Development

Recent Blog Posts

0.2.0 Release

0.2.0 is here and it's starting to look and feel more like a real game. There have been quite a few updates since our first dedicated server test, here are the major ones: Game Mechanics Capital unit mutations. These are upgrades which can unlock new units, increase...

First Dedicated Server Test

Yesterday marked an important milestone for Deepfield; we finally have something which we can demo that resembles a game. There are still lots of bugs, occasional crashes, no quality of life and incomplete features, BUT, we can host a game, multiple people can join,...

Basic Unit Movement

"Making a RTS is hard." - Something I've heard and said a lot. In the past when I said it, I thought about fairly generic problems such as balance or networking and how they apply to a RTS. In this post, I'm going to talk about a problem which is pretty unique to the...

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