Deepfield is an open world, persistent universe, RTS game based in the tiny world of microbiology.

You play as an overmind which has entered into a host body and spawned a hive of sentient but obedient micro-organisms. Do as you see fit; explore, collect resources, multiply or engage in combat with the host organism.

You may meet other overminds while in a host body. Create an alliance or assert your dominance, the choice is yours.

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Freshwater Eukaryotes

I started messing around with unit design a few weeks ago. At this time, the only unit we had locked in was the first capital class unit, the Amoeba. The time to start coding our first combat units was fast approaching so after several unit/combat mechanic designs, I...


Last post I mentioned Fractal, the game engine powering Deepfield. In this post I would like to give you a rundown of what Fractal is and our plans with it. Fractal is a networking framework like Photon or DarkRift 2, the similarities end there though. Our goal is to...

Filling in the gap

The last blog post was published on 4th October 2018; it's been a little while since then, let me fill you in. Stefan started full time development of Deepfield early 2018. I joined him in making games in April 2018; I didn't work on Deepfield though, I started...

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