Deepfield is a persistent universe, RTS game based in the tiny world of microbiology.

You play as an overmind which has entered into a host body and spawned a hive of sentient but obedient micro-organisms. Explore, collect resources, multiply or engage in combat with the host organism.

You may meet other overminds while in a host body. Create an alliance or assert your dominance, the choice is yours.

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0.2.0 Release

0.2.0 is here and it's starting to look and feel more like a real game. There have been quite a few updates since our first dedicated server test, here are the major ones: Game Mechanics Capital unit mutations. These are upgrades which can unlock new units, increase...

First Dedicated Server Test

Yesterday marked an important milestone for Deepfield; we finally have something which we can demo that resembles a game. There are still lots of bugs, occasional crashes, no quality of life and incomplete features, BUT, we can host a game, multiple people can join,...

Basic Unit Movement

"Making a RTS is hard." - Something I've heard and said a lot. In the past when I said it, I thought about fairly generic problems such as balance or networking and how they apply to a RTS. In this post, I'm going to talk about a problem which is pretty unique to the...

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